Future challenges in Nanotechnology

The Nano is the most noteworthy structure obstruct for human services, auxiliary material, in hardware, mechanization, and so on. And will turn into the stage for new forefront advances to develop for the better living of humankind. Nanotechnology is quick picking up footing over a scope of ventures, from agribusiness to water treatment to vitality stockpiling. Today, nanotechnology is one of the most progressive, front line regions of logical examination and it keeps on progressing at stunning rates. From researchers at innovation centered organizations and foundations to understudies seeking after a nanotechnology degree, pioneers in nanotechnology are making the most recent developments in this field.
  • Reproducible large scale manufacturing at kilogram levels of indistinguishable great CNT (Carbon Nano tubes)
  • Development of self-supporting, self-imitating half breeds of CNT and silicon to perform expansion and repair of DNA
  •  Development of shrewd wearable frameworks utilizing Nano innovation. Answer for malignant growth, Parkinson's malady and AIDS through biosensors, gadgets and drug delivery systems.
  • Realization of atomic measured machines. Remote detecting through Nano Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and satellites.


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